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A Day Full of Rosè, Shopping, & Joanna Kramer!


A day full of rosè, shopping, and Joanna Kramer! Our trunk show hosting Joanna Kramer was a success! Joanna Kramer is a local artist who makes her ceramics in Evanston. We showcased a line of her pottery while being able to talk to Joanna herself. Included were her feather cups, rainy city series, tree cups/vases, and Evanston stamped cups. Her line of pottery has a simplicity within itself, yet that simplicity also makes it truly unique! I just adore her feather cups (or vase, whatever you choose to use it as). They hold a modest design with delicate artwork, along with many of her pieces. Joanna's line brings the perfect serenity and happiness to your home! Don't worry if you missed her trunk show, you can always stop in to see what's the latest in stock in the hands of Joanna Kramer.


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